Adding a Discount Pricing to a PO (Spot Price)

Updated on November 2, 2023

Discounted pricing for a specific order can be indicated on a PO via Spot Pricing. A quote or  quote number can be added as needed. Spot Pricing allows users to determine if a Buyer was able to obtain a discount for a specific order or limited time period vs discounts provided to all orders (ex. Mass Bio) or offered to all customers (sales on a website, etc).

Standard pricing adjustments due to errors can be updated via Unit Price:

Updating the Price to a Part Line


In the Buyer role, find the PO in the My Reqs or Orders tab. Once the PO is located, find the line(s) that need to be updated. Add in the full discount price to Spot or the discount percentage via % off Corp Price.

In the example below, the original pricing for the part line is $100. A Buyer reached out to the supplier and was able to obtain a discount of 15%. In Spot, the Buyer can either update the price to $85 or add the percent amount of 15%:


A quote or quote number detailing the discount can be added via Note to Supplier/Attach files for Supplier:


Once updated, the PO (View PO PDF) will be updated with the original Unit Price and Spot Price reflected as a discount and can be forwarded to the supplier: