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Adding Dashboard Announcements

Prendio Admins can add announcements that display to users in the dashboard

1. As a user with the Admin role, go to [Admin > General > Announcements]
2. Click the Add Announcement button
Image 1-Feb-11-2022-04-32-23-50-PM
3. Add a message in the Dashboard Content field. Note that line breaks and hyperlinks are not supported with Announcements at this time
4. Select the From and To Dates that the Announcement will appear on the Dashboard
5. Click the Save button
Image 1-Feb-11-2022-04-33-07-98-PM
The announcement is now saved in the Dashboard Announcements table. It can be edited or deleted at any time:
Image 1-Feb-11-2022-04-34-03-85-PM
During the specified time frame, the messaging appears in the Announcements table on the Prendio dashboard for your company:
Note: Prendio Support also posts to the Announcements table for messages such as scheduled System Maintenance. These are global announcements that appear on the dashboard for all companies in Prendio.