AP Push by Export

Companies not integrated with an ERP system can Push by Export in AP Management. Prendio will create two Excel documents, Bill Headers and Bill Details, containing voucher information that can be imported to an ERP system.

After a voucher is created in the Accounts Payable role, the vouchers automatically move to AP Push of AP Management:


Select the vouchers to be pushed by checking off to the left:


In the Selected Actions dropdown, select Push to ERP….Let’s Push by Export:


 A Push by Export screen appears. Select Push:


Once the push is complete, two Excel files named Bill Headers and Bill Details will be available for download. These documents contain all of the voucher details:


Click on each file to download:


Select Done once complete. The files can be imported to an ERP system.


The vouchers no longer appear in the AP Push:


These vouchers can be found in Pushed Bills:


Please note that users must manually keep track of vouchers that have been paid outside of Prendio.