Approve or Reject a Requisition

Prendio requires requisition approval in order to promote good practice and ensure compliance in several areas

  • Separation of Duties
  • Budget
  • Safety

Approvers are notified by Email and Text Messages as per settings by your company administrator. Approval Requests are also listed on the approver’s Dashboard.


Approve or Reject
Either from your Dashboard or by clicking a link in the request email, you can review requisition detail and take action to Approve or Reject. Rejected requisitions require an explanation. These capabilities are available on web-connected mobile devices as well.


In cases where you are not available to respond to a requisition, Prendio will use an escalation plan to reach out to a delegate specified by your administrator.

Out-of-Office (OOO)
If you know that you will be unavailable to approve requisitions and would like your approvals to immediately be sent to your delegate, enable the Out-of-Office feature available in your profile.