Buyer Overview

(Functionality covered in this article is available to the Buyer role. See your admin to assign roles.)

The Buyer role is key to the successful delivery of the goods and services required for the team. Scaling with your organization, the Buyer role can be assigned to multiple users. Ownership of requisitions for processing is handled in the Buyers' Queue. Responsibilities of the Buyer role include the following:

  • Supplier Connection 
  • Company Catalog of Parts 
  • Corporate Pricing 
  • Approval Management 
  • Placing Orders 
  • Revising Orders in accordance with Company Policy
Buyers' Queue
The homepage of the Buyers tab is the Buyers' Queue. 


Requisition Queue
Approved requisitions are listed here ready for the buyer. Requisitions can be sorted by column header to group for convenience. 
In order to process the requisition and create a purchase order, the requisition must be owned by the buyer, removing it from the queue. This method guarantees that other buyers will not process the same requisition. Once owned, requisitions are moved to the My Reqs tab.
Pending Suppliers
In order to process a requisition, the supplier must be "connected" to your company. For suppliers new to your company, this involves establishing an account and payment terms. Unlike requisitions, pending suppliers will be listed immediately after the cart is submitted for approval by the user. This advanced notice is provided in order to give more time to establish the account prior to processing the requisition.


Requisitions approved but awaiting the supplier connection will be highlighted pink in the Requisition Queue. Taking ownership of a requisition that is pending supplier connection requires that the supplier be connected prior to processing.