Can I Upload A Packing Slip Or Invoice In JPEG Format To Prendio?

We are often asked if Packing Slips and Invoices received in JPEG format can be uploaded to Prendio. The Scan Upload window will only accept files in PDF format. However, JPEG documents can be inserted into a Microsoft Word document and then saved as a PDF document. The resulting PDF document can then be uploaded to Prendio.

Note: Packing Slips and Invoices received in Word format can also be saved in PDF format for upload to Prendio.

About This Document:

This document provides an overview of the steps to insert a JPEG image into a Microsoft Word document and then save the document in PDF format.


Above is an example of an Invoice in JPEG format.


The JPEG document is then Inserted into Microsft Word.


File is then clicked on and Save As is selected. A location is selected to save the file then a file name is entered, PDF is selected, and Save is pressed.


The PDF document was then uploaded to Prendio in the Scan Upload window and is available for selection in the Scan Match window.