Carts Overview

Prendio's shopping experience is designed to feel familiar. Have you shopped online? Yeah...we figured as we didn't reinvent the wheel.


Shopping carts support multiple suppliers, items and services. Carts are saved on your Dashboard until you are ready to submit the cart for approval. Multiple carts give you options for organizing your tasks.

Filling your Cart
You can shop by several convenient methods
  • Catalog Search
  • Punchout
  • Add a Non-Catalog item
  • Services
  • Blanket Orders
  • Copy a Previous Cart/Order

Cart Details
Additional information is required prior to submitting the Cart as a Requisition for Approval.
  • Ship To – Select from addresses created by your administrator. A default address may have been selected for you, but it can be changed as needed.
  • Order Type - You have the flexibility to provide the PO to the supplier yourself. If that is desired, select the "I will place the order" option. The buyer will negotiate the order if needed, and you will be sent by email the final Purchase Order PDF including the PO Number. Otherwise, select the "Buyer will place order" option to have the buyer provide the details to the supplier and request confirmation. This is the most chosen option. The buyer will negotiate the order if needed, create the Purchase Order PDF and PO Number and provide it to the buyer, and request confirmation. You will be updated when the order is submitted to the supplier and confirmed by the supplier.
  • Accounting Fields (Project, GL Account, Department, etc) – Spending is tracked in Prendio and your financial system by a number of account types. Some or all of these might be required. Options and defaults may have been configured in order to save you time.
  • Need By Date – It is important for Prendio and your buyers to understand when you need your items delivered to you and if your Need By Date is critical. The system will default to 5 working days as a reasonable starting point. Your buyers will use this information to prioritize on your behalf.  Please note that for service POs, the Buyer will not communicate with the supplier an ETA or timeline for the services.  You must contact the supplier directly to indicate a time for the services.
  • Notes and Attachments – Make use of the Internal and Supplier notes in order to provide special instruction. Attach quotes and specifications to be used by the buyer in negotiations or to be provided to the supplier with your order.

Submit your Cart
When you are ready to checkout, you will Submit your cart to request approval.