Change My Purchase Order

See the article Find My Order to confirm the status of your order.

If your requisition has been approved and the Purchase Order has been generated by the buyer and submitted to or confirmed by the supplier, options to change the order are limited and must go through your buyer.

  • Add funds to an order
  • Close/Cancel and order
  • Re-Open a closed order


It is best to contact your buyer (or buying service) by phone if your need is urgent. See the Support section of your Dashboard for a phone number or email link.


The buyer has the ability to increase, decrease and append most orders, even those that have already been partially or fully received. In many cases, the changes made to the order will trigger a re-approval from the buyer. As the requester, you will be contacted to approve the revised order. As with a new requisition, the approval will follow a path determined by the amount of the order.