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Company Holidays

Prendio Admins can configure company holidays to avoid having orders shipped on days the company is closed

Prendio works to enable the delivery of your critical products and services. When users request items, they specify the date by which they need the items or services on-site. In some cases, the date selection is critical for ensuring the best handling of perishable products.

In support of this, each company has the option to post company holidays to Prendio. The holidays will be integrated into the "Need By" dates displayed in carts enabling users to select dates on which packages can be received. 

Import Holiday List

Add a Holiday Manually


Import Holiday List from a .xlsx, .xls, or .csv file

Company holidays may be uploaded via the Admin role from a .xlsx, .xls, or .csv file.

In the Admin role, select the General subtab and find Holidays on the left. Locate Import Holidays:


After selecting Import Holidays, a screen will appear to enable selecting a .xlsx, .xls, or .csv file to import to Prendio:


In the top left, a template to generate a .csv file may be downloaded and completed before uploading to Prendio:


*The template offered in Prendio is not required and a separate document with the necessary information (Date, Holiday Name, and Shipment Accepted) can be uploaded.  Please note that when adding in the Date, this must follow the YYYY-MM-DD format.  Past dates will not be allowed on the import.


The file may be uploaded to Prendio via Select File or Drag and Drop the file to the screen:

After the appropriate file has been selected, Prendio will automatically populate the dates, names, and if shipments are accepted (office or lab closed, no deliveries accepted). Select Next to be able to match each column:


Match the names of each column from the imported list to the appropriate column that will appear in Prendio. Select Next once complete:


The list of holidays will populate on the next screen with the matched columns:


Select Save. Prendio will detect any errors found in the list (duplicates, incorrect format, etc):


If errors are detected select Cancel and enable Show only rows with errors in the top right:


The example below shows a duplicate holiday for Memorial Day, 05/29/2023. Select and Discard selected rows any rows that have errors:


Once complete, select Save:


A Success window will appear. Select Ok to complete the import:


Navigate back to Holidays to view the list:


Holidays will appear on the bottom right of the Dashboard (note that the Dashboard displays the next two upcoming holidays on the list):


Adding a Holiday Manually
1. As a user with the Admin Role, go to [Admin > General > Holidays]

2. Click the Add Holiday button
3. Select the Date and provide a Holiday Name
4. If the company will not receive packages on this holiday, check the option Shipping Holiday - No packages received
5. Click the Save button
After saving a Shipping Holiday, Requesters will not be able to select that date in the Need by field when creating carts:
When holidays defined in Prendio are happening soon, users will also see a reminder in the Upcoming Holidays table on the dashboard: