Document Store

Contracts, Licenses, Confidentiality Agreements and other documents can be added by the Document Manager role to Prendio’s Document Store.

Note - Doc Store is a Prendio "Just Right" Add-On and might not be enabled for your company. For more information, contact Prendio Support.

All users who have the appropriate access rights can view the documents and attach the documents to Prendio Carts.


Finding Documents
Documents available for review and attachment to Purchase Orders can be found in the Doc Store. The list of documents can be filtered and sorted as needed to help locate a document.
Image 1-4

Doc Store users can view the documents and see selective metadata about each document.

Attaching to Carts
As per the workflow of your company, executed documents will be available in the Doc Store to be attached to Carts that will become Purchase Orders.
Image 1-Feb-10-2022-06-22-01-34-PM

The role of “Doc Store Manager” should be assigned to a user with access to the necessary legal resources and a working knowledge of basic document management. By capturing a minimal amount of “metadata” (data about the document), Prendio helps users locate the documents that they need.