Document Store Setup

The Doc Store is a lightweight document management system designed to be right-sized for biotech.

Note - Time Table is a Prendio "Just Right" Add-On and might not be enabled for your company. For more information, contact Prendio Support.


With this system, your team can locate and review documents that are in process or fully executed. The documents are managed by the "Doc Store Manager" role.

The role of “Doc Store Manager” should be assigned to a user with access to the necessary legal resources and a working knowledge of basic document management. By capturing a minimal amount of “metadata” (data about the document), Prendio helps users locate the documents that they need.

Image 1-Feb-10-2022-06-48-10-11-PM

The specific of workflow for document approval is the responsibility of the company. Prendio Doc Store readily supports the following Agreement workflow:

  1. Submit draft agreements to company counsel or other responsible
  2. Agreement is finalized and executed
  3. Agreement is uploaded in the Doc Store by any user with the Doc Store Manager role
  4. Agreement is available for attachment to cart line to be become Purchase Order

Note - It is typical that the company counsel or other responsible party have the Doc Store Manager role. Because Prendio is a secure cloud service, users can be remote or 3rd party.