How to Cancel a Part or Service Line in a Confirmed PO

Updated on May 2, 2024

Part and Service Lines in a Confirmed PO may need to be cancelled if they are no longer needed. Before cancelling any part or service line in a PO, the supplier must be contacted and confirm the cancellation.

In the Buyer role, navigate to the Orders tab:


Search for the PO via the search bar (if the PO cannot be found, the Date Range will need to be adjusted):


Once the PO is located, click on the Edit button in the Actions column:


The details of the PO will now be displayed. Locate the Part or Service line that needs to be cancelled:

Please note that updating the PO in Prendio will not automatically cancel part or service lines.  Users must contact the supplier to request and confirm cancellation of any part or service lines before adjusting the PO. Contacting the supplier may be handled via phone or email outside of Prendio.


Once the supplier confirms cancellation, update the pricing of the part or service line to $0:


If cancelling a part line, update the Qty to 0:



If available, attach any emails from the user requesting cancellation as well as any emails or documents from the supplier confirming cancellation via attach files for Internal, Buyer:


Update the Internal Order Notes located on the bottom right to indicate the changes made to the PO:


As an adjustment has been made to the PO, but the pricing did not increase, submit the PO for an Override. Select Re-Approve in the top right:


Select Override:


Indicate the changes made to the PO in the next window (Reason for Override) and Submit:


After the Override has been submitted, a Re-Approval Override Successful message will appear at the top:


The PO is updated and Prendio will stay on the PO page. Navigate out of the screen by selecting Dashboard or Buyer: