Import All Segments

Users with the Accounts Payable role can import multiple accounting segments simultaneously by uploading a .xlsx, .xls, or .csv file. Adjustments or corrections to existing segments can also be updated in this manner. The uploaded data will replace and override current data in Prendio for these segments.

In Accounts Payable, select the a segment (Department, Class, GL Account, Project Location, etc).

In the example below, GL Account is selected. Although GL Account is selected, other segment types (Department, Project, Class, etc) can be uploaded as the template to import will allow users to indicate the segment type. Once uploaded, Prendio will list the new segment/updated segments in the appropriate tabs.

Locate Import All Segments:


A screen will appear to enable selecting a .xlsx, .xls, or .csv file to import to Prendio:


A template to add segment details can be downloaded in the top right:


Please note the following when completing the template:

  • Certain fields marked with an asterisk are required and cannot be left blank(Segment Type, Prendio Name, and Include Personal Approval Path):
  • Other fields that do not apply for the segment can be left blank if not utilized (ex. Watchers or Approvers, Project Manager, etc).

Below is a list of different columns for completing the template. Areas marked with an asterisk * are required:


Segment Type * - Indicate whether the segment is a Department, Class, GL Account, Project, Location, etc.

Prendio Name * - The name of the segment as it should appear in Prendio.

Prendio ID – This field can be left empty unless this has been exported from Prendio.

Description – A description of the segment can be added to help users determine if this is the correct segment to select for their order. If added, the description will appear in a user’s cart.

ERP Account – The name of the ERP equivalent the segment will be mapped to.

Status – Enabled or Disabled. This column is not checked on Import and will only show on Export.

Watchers – Users designated as Watchers for a segment. Multiple users can be added as Watchers with a comma in between each user’s name (ex. Watcher1, Watcher2, Watcher3 (5000)). Adding a dollar amount next to a user’s name will set a custom “Notify At” threshold. Ex. “Watcher3 (5000)” will be added as a Watcher with a Notify At threshold of $5,000.

Adding a username without a dollar threshold will set a default Notify At amount of $1.


Approvers – Users designated as Approvers for a segment. Multiple users can be added as Approvers with a comma in between each user’s name (ex. Approver1 (10000), Approver2 (20000), Approver3 (30000). Adding a dollar amount next to a user’s name will set a custom approval threshold. Ex. “Approver1 (10000)” will be added as an Approver with an approval limit of $10,000.

Adding a username without a dollar threshold will set a default approval threshold to the same Approval Limit set by a company Admin in the User’s account.

Include Personal Approval Path *– Yes or No. Selecting “Yes” will turn on “Include Personal Approval Path” for the segment. Selecting “No” will turn off “Include Personal Approval Path” for the segment.

Project Manager – Specific for the Project segment. A Project Manager can be indicated for internal reference in case users have questions regarding a project segment.

Allowed GL Account – Specific for the Department segment. GL Accounts are related to Departments. Adding an Allowed GL Account for a Department will allow users to select the GL Account when the user also selects the Department.

Purchase – Specific to the Project segment. Adding True allows users to select the Project for orders whereas selecting False disables use of the Project for orders.

Timetable – Specific to the Project segment. Only shows on Export if enabled.


Once the template is complete, upload the file to the screen by clicking on Select file:

Or dragging and dropping the file to the screen.


Once uploaded, the details of the segments will appear:


 Select to the left the row that will serve as the header and click on Next:


The next screen will provide an opportunity to match each column with the appropriate selection. Once the columns have been matched, select Next:


The final screen will display all user details with the appropriate columns matched to the correct segments/selections.

Verify all information is correct. Corrections may be made by clicking into each cell and adjusting as needed. If any users should be left out of the import, check off the row on the left and select Discard selected rows:


Save once complete. If errors are detected, a window will appear:


Select Cancel to return to the Segment import screen. Any errors detected will appear in red:


In the example below, the setting for Include Personal Approval Path has been left blank and must be completed before for the import to be successful:


Users can type in the cell the setting for this column:


Once complete, the cell will change from red to white. Complete other cells that have errors. Save once all set.

 The import is complete and users have the ability to download the results. Close once all set:


All new user segments created from the import will be listed in the appropriate tabs (segments). Adjustments to existing segments will also be updated.