Important update regarding reports and Force Opened POs

There was a problem discovered that impacted reporting for POs with the status "Open, by Force" AND a remaining amount of 0.

These orders were not appearing in the "Open PO Summary" report. Additionally, they were displayed with the PO Status of "Closed" in these two reports, even though they are technically open:

  • PO Summary
  • AP Order Analysis

A fix for this problem was included in the Prendio 2.56.0 patch, released the evening of July 27, 2023. If you now see Force Opened POs with a remaining amount of zero that were not previously in your reports, that is a possible reason why.

Note that the bug did NOT impact these two areas:

  • The Open PO Details report
  • The [Receiver > Orders] tab

In the [Receiver > Orders] tab, you can use a few different filters to find some of these POs and Force Close them as needed. You can find more information on this feature in the Closing Purchase Orders help doc.




Please contact Prendio Technical Support if you have any questions about this change.