Info for July 20, 2022 Access Issue

Announcement Date: July 20, 2022


Approximately 10:00 AM EDT on July 20, 2022, a configuration activity taken care of by a third-party on the hosting services for "" had unintended results. This resulted in users being unable to access various sub-domains, including the URL for accessing the application itself. (


The Prendio team notified the hosting service provider and worked with them to resolve the problem. The resolution activity was completed by approximately 12:00 PM EDT.


The resolution usually takes effect within a few minutes for users. However, the resolution could take up to 72 hours for some users depending on a number of factors that are outside of the control of the Prendio team:

  1. How long your local computer is caching Domain Name Service (DNS) entries
  2. Whether you have network level DNS caching because of a corporate DNS server being used
  3. Which global DNS servers you are using, such as the DNS servers from your Internet Service Provider (ISP)


If you continue to have intermittent issues accessing Prendio, this problem could resolve itself over time, after reconnecting to a different network, or after a reboot of the computer. You can also try clearing the local DNS cache on your computer:

  1. Windows - Windows 7: DNS Flush - GROK Knowledge Base
  2. MAC - How to Flush your DNS Cache on Mac


Purging the network level DNS caching or pointing to a different global DNS should only be considered a last resort and would require assistance from your applicable IT team.


We are sorry about the inconvenience this problem caused. If there are any questions about this problem, open a ticket by emailing