Information Guides in Prendio

Information Guides have been added throughout Prendio to help users navigate their roles. These guides will display a link to a help doc as well as a training video detailing the appropriate instructions for an aspect in Prendio.

Last Updated on March 23, 2023


Guides can be identified by a yellow question mark badge:

Clicking on the badge will show users functions and processes they may encounter in the area of the badge location.

In the example below, a badge found on the top left of a user’s Dashboard shows that there may be notification cards the user needs to respond to. Depending on the type of notification, the user will select the choice that matches. The title of the Information Guide will be a hyperlink to the help doc with detailed instructions. A training video may also be accessed for further guidance:


If a training video is available for the Information Guide, it can be viewed in full screen by clicking on the four arrows located on the bottom right of the video:


Below is a current list of Information Guides users may find in Prendio by role:


Adding a User in Prendio (Users)

Deactivating a User in Prendio (Users)


Accounts Payable

Uploading Invoices (Scan > Scan Upload)

Adding the Details to an Invoice (Scan > Scan Match)

Amount Invoiced Cannot be Greater than Amount Received (Scan > Scan Match)

Insufficient Funds on PO for an Invoice (Adding Funds in Accounts Payable) (Scan > Scan Match)

Processing an Invoice into a Voucher (Vouchers)

Sending a Proxy Packing Slip Request (Vouchers)

Adding a New Segment and Mapping to an ERP Equivalent (Any of the Accounting Segments)


AP Management

Completing a Let’s Align (AP Push)

Completing an AP Push (AP Push)

Reports Overview (Reports) no video for this Information Guide

Exports Overview (Exports)




Processing an Order by Type (Punchout, Half Punchout, Requestor, Buyer) (Buyers’ Queue)

Processing an Order Using a New Supplier (Buyers’ Queue > Pending Suppliers)

Edit a Confirmed PO (Updating Pricing for a Part Line, Cancelling a Part/Service Line, Updating a Part Line to Service, Adding Funds to a PO) (Orders)

Removing a PO from the Problem Order Queue (Punchout Processing, Rejected in Re-Approval) (Buyers’ Queue > Problem Orders)

Managing Addresses for the Company (Addresses)


Requestor (Dashboard)

Creating a Manual Cart

Creating a Punchout Cart

Confidential Orders (no video) (Appears after a cart is created if the user has Confidential Order access)

Responding to a Notification Card (Missing Packing Slip, Approval Request)

Setting Out of Office Dates (Profile Picture)

Order Status Explanation




Uploading Packing Slips (Scan > Scan Upload)

Adding the Details for a Packing Slip (Scan > Scan Match)

Processing a Packing Slip/Proxy Packing Slip into a Receipt (Receipts)