Legacy POs

POs at a company that exist prior to the use of Prendio can be imported during the onboarding process. These are known as Legacy POs and can be processed in Prendio. Legacy POs will also have PO numbers that exist earlier than the current PO number sequence.

In the example below, the PO number sequence starts at 1000. POs generated in Prendio will start at 1000; however, Legacy POs will have numbers that exist earlier in this sequence:


A template for any Legacy POs a company may have will be completed by a user at the company and provided to an onboarding specialist at Prendio:


An onboarding specialist at Prendio will then upload the Legacy POs into Prendio. Once uploaded, these POs behave like other POs created by users. Legacy POs can have vouchers processed against them as well as adjustments made, additional funds, and more.