Missing PO and/or Receipt

Matching items and services received to what you ordered is a critical piece of a procure-to-pay workflow.


Missing Packing Slip
In most cases, you will receive a packing slip when items arrive. By following your company's procedures for receiving, you will ensure that the packing slip is available for matching. If these procedures are not followed or if a packing slip is not received, your AP team will need to reach out to you in order to confirm receipt.

Services Orders - In cases where services are provided, it is likely that a packing slip will not be provided by the supplier. For these orders, Prendio will need your confirmation of receipt. Below is an example email of such a request:



Missing PO
Similar to a missing Packing Slip, if goods or services are received, but there is no PO number, Prendio will need you to create a "Previously Invoiced" cart. This cart will make its way through the approval process as would any other submitted cart. Below is an example email of such a request:


Confirm Receipt and/or Create Previously-Invoiced Cart
Clicking the link in the email request will bring you to a scan of the invoice. You will need to either create a "Previously Invoiced" cart and input that cart number into the form below. You can also provide the correct PO number in the case that the PO exists in Prendio, but the supplier did not include the number on the invoice. If only the Packing Slip is missing and you did receive all goods and services listed on the invoice scan, simply select "Received Complete" and click the Done button.