Prendio Patch Notes (2021)

This is an overview of end-user focused bug fixes and enhancements for Prendio patch releases in the year 2021. The table for each patch contains this information:

  • The Prendio version that corresponds to the patch
  • The date of the patch release
  • The ID of the change
  • The change type
  • High level summary of what the change addresses


For information on patches released in the present year, see the main Prendio Patch Notes page.


2.0.21 19-Dec-21 PREN-4879 Bug Bill transmission problem with NetSuite


2.0.19 14-Dec-21 PREN-4674 Bug Certain activities cause Requisition Approvals to appear out of sequence in Order History
PREN-3678 Bug Decimal values can be input to Qty Received field for part lines
PREN-3386 Bug Tax document lost after changes to private supplier in AP Push and PO Edit pages


2.0.17 9-Dec-21 PREN-5169 Bug Buyer page requisition queue request is stalled and fetching large size of data
PREN-4126 Bug Attachments with square brackets break Edit PO page and attachments display
PREN-3588 Bug Amount Received and Amount Pushed columns not displaying expected data in Open PO Summary


2.0.16 5-Dec-21 PREN-5587 Bug Prendio Catalog Manager > Suppliers: Add Supplier button unresponsive
PREN-4998 Bug Reapprove Process Failed for delegate of OOO / skipped Approver
PREN-4544 Bug Delegate for OOO User- The delegate will be unable to approve/deny additional funds request
ENHC-548 Enhancement AP Order Analysis Report Label Change 2-Dec-21 PREN-5708 Bug Users are unable to add time Time Table entries and submit weeks


2.0.15 1-Dec-21 PREN-5604 Bug Users are able to submit carts without selecting Location, Class, Custom segments 21-Nov-21 PREN-5537 Bug Numbers cannot be entered using French Keyboard At Spend Limit and Approval Limit under User Setup


2.0.14 18-Nov-21 PREN-4996 Bug Pound sign in invoice ID causes unexpected behavior in bill pushes and bill payment checks
PREN-4472 Bug Supplier Account Setup problem
PREN-4231 Bug isDemoCompany() Exception 15-Nov-21 PREN-5291 Bug Wrong invoice attached if multiple Additional Funds Requests are started in one session


2.0.13 11-Nov-21 PREN-5044 Bug Alignment Issue with Prendio GL account 
PREN-4339 Bug Unpaid Bills Count Incorrect After Manual Payment Update
PREN-5312 Enhancement Open order view improvement
PREN-4990 Enhancement Use only two decimal points on receiver orders excel file unit price column


2.0.12 4-Nov-21 PREN-4770 Bug Approval workflow should not be skipped when due to invalid characters


2.0.11 28-Nov-21 PREN-4550 Bug Lines still added to Req when cancelling Additional Funds Request prompt, carries over to submitted requests
PREN-4452 Bug Fix error messages to show on user screen for longer
PREN-3967 Bug Service Provider - Companies Served limit
PREN-3777 Bug Multi Company Users - Company list left side cutoff on smaller browsers
PREN-4261 Bug SP user not able to login when the large number of the companies served to user