Prendio Patch Notes (2022)

This is an overview of end-user focused bug fixes and enhancements for Prendio patch releases in the year 2022. The table for each patch contains this information:

  • The Prendio version that corresponds to the patch
  • The date of the patch release
  • The ID of the change
  • The change type
  • High level summary of what the change addresses


For information on patches released in the present year, see the main Prendio Patch Notes page.



2.38.1 20-Dec-22 PDEV-4157 Bug AP Order Analysis Report: Accounting segment data misaligned with columns
PDEV-4078 Bug Scan Match update to packing slip input
PDEV-4003 Bug QuickBooks Online rejecting bill push requests after 7:00 PM EST
PDEV-3991 Bug Lines with zero amount remaining and zero amount received are displayed in open receipts
PDEV-4162 Enhancement PO Management updates
PDEV-4159 Enhancement Update Privacy Policy for GDPR requirements


2.38.0 15-Dec-22 PDEV-4108 Bug Diagnostic logging for missing packing slip / missing PO response pages
PDEV-3794 Bug Fine-tuning adjustment for scripting
PDEV-3430 Bug Enhanced Reports - Spend Data Report with Data from 1+ years ago will not generate
PDEV-4079 Enhancement Session management updates
PDEV-4012 Enhancement Session management updates
PDEV-3808 Enhancement MSBC ERP Connector communication updates
PDEV-3784 Enhancement MSBC ERP Connector communication updates
PDEV-3592 Enhancement Reporting architecture updates
PDEV-3300 Enhancement Scan Match architecture updates


2.37.0 8-Dec-22 PDEV-4027 Bug Suppliers not populating when using the catalog search
PDEV-3935 Bug Adding certain amounts to PO line causes QTY error when processing Receipt
PDEV-3712 Bug Reassign PO order updates in order history do not have time zone
PDEV-3690 Bug PO Summary reports do not reflect changes to flexible segment selections in POs
PDEV-3639 Bug Payload problem with punchouts during heavy system load on punchout side
PDEV-3577 Bug Unreceived lines in Enhanced Reports do not include ERP ID field data
PDEV-2989 Bug When a PO is "Mark as Confirmed" from My Reqs, Count is not updating correctly
PDEV-1463 Bug Orders All search results do not show correct PO Total Amount with discounts
PDEV-1391 Bug Intermittent freezing of PDF bundle creation on AP Push (Infinite Clock)
PDEV-1337 Bug After first remit address change is pushed to QBO, subsequent changes are not
PDEV-3659 Enhancement Reduce execution time of ERP operations in Netsuite
PDEV-3658 Enhancement Reduce execution time of ERP operations in QBD
PDEV-3657 Enhancement Reduce execution time of ERP operations in QBO



4-Dec-22 PDEV-4000 Bug Intermittent report download problem
PDEV-3999 Bug Performance problem with login process
PDEV-3878 Bug Company selection problem with service provider accounts
PDEV-3838 Bug Scan Match Error Message with certain entered amounts
PDEV-3768 Bug Disregard option changes not saved in Accounts Payable ERP tables
PDEV-3759 Bug Database and job server updates
PDEV-2963 Bug Notes not saving on Supplier profiles under Accounts Payable tab 
PDEV-412 Bug Problem saving changes when changing ERP Connectors
PDEV-4047 Enhancement Report infrastructure update
PDEV-3925 Enhancement Updates for company selection with service provider accounts
PDEV-3904 Enhancement Report infrastructure update
PDEV-3755 Enhancement Report infrastructure update
PDEV-3683 Enhancement UI infrastructure update
PDEV-3679 Enhancement Performance monitoring update


2.35.1 23-Nov-22 PDEV-3942 Enhancement Adjustment of AP user reference for processed vouchers


2.34.0 11-Nov-22 PDEV-1399 Bug Fix Order moved to Buyer Queue after restarted Additional Funds Request is approved
PDEV-1860 Bug Fix Incorrect email listed in Account History table
PDEV-2904 Bug Fix Line problem when modifying Need By date or Delivery date
PDEV-2945 Bug Fix Problem with certain users accessing Enhanced Reports
PDEV-3323 Bug Fix Line 1 not visible in certain Receipts
PDEV-3697 Bug Fix Invalid character causes responsiveness problem with QuickBooks Desktop
PDEV-3403 Enhancement Adjustment to punchout integration data exchange
PDEV-3802 Enhancement Adjustment to punchout integration data exchange


2.33.0 3-Nov-2022 PDEV-3796 Bug Fix Incorrect error message when qty invoiced is greater than qty received while creating vouchers.
PDEV-3587 Bug Fix MSBC Connector: Voucher total problem after ERP Bill Payment occurs
PDEV-3137 Bug Fix Supplier names mismatched in Paid Bills Status column after changing ERPs


2.32.1 30-Oct-2022 PDEV-3446 Bug Fix PO is stuck in status "PO# is generated. Email to be sent" status if Requester is also approver for multiple segments


2.32.0 27-Oct-2022 PDEV-3694 Bug Fix Incorrect behavior while Editing a PO with the status "PO# is generated, Email to be sent"
PDEV-3612 Bug Fix Intermittent problem causes Incorrect Totals for users in Time Table report
PDEV-3591 Bug Fix MSBC Connector: Decimal values not calculated properly when distributing Tax/Freight across lines


2.31.0 20-Oct-2022 PDEV-3579 Bug Fix Some Classes returned from NetSuite for Get Classes RESTlet do not display in ERP table
PDEV-3513 Bug Fix Problem with changing the unit price when processing a voucher
PDEV-182 Bug Fix Let's Align creates ERP vendor with currency setting from Catalog Manager, not company-level setting


2.30.0 13-Oct-2022 PDEV-3100 Bug Fix Certain special characters do not save in the AP scan notes
PDEV-3045 Bug Fix Unpaid Bills page does not refresh after completing Request Bill Payments process
PDEV-1572 Bug Fix Auto Reject button not working with Slack notification


2.29.0 6-Oct-2022 PDEV-3666 Bug Fix Putting voucher on hold interferes with new unit price adjustment feature
PDEV-3665 Bug Fix Each event in the Order Updates must start on a new line
PDEV-3564 Bug Fix Order update section sorting by date correction


2.28.0 29-Sep-2022 PDEV-3642 Bug Fix Custom segment element is not sent to NetSuite with separated Tax and Freight lines
PDEV-3605 Bug Fix Diagnostic logs/tracing update
PDEV-1899 Bug Fix Password Reset page does specify password set failed because it is less than 8 characters
PDEV-3624 Enhancement Improve performance of Supplier Sync with Netsuite
PDEV-3074 Enhancement Change to OAuth2 for MSBC ERP Connector


2.27.0 26-Sep-2022 PDEV-3408 Bug Fix Correct how extended amount is displayed
PDEV-2336 Bug Fix Refresh Required To Display AP Push Invoices (AP Push Blank Screen)
PDEV-1635 Bug Fix Out of Office (OOO) feature does not work when Start Date set without End Date
PDEV-633 Bug Fix AP push page load time suffers when there are upwards of 100+ lines present for vouchers
PDEV-91 Bug Fix Problem with Punchout orders if requester is also the segment approver
PDEV-3461 Enhancement Provide the ability to reduce the PO unit price from the Voucher page


2.26.0 15-Sep-2022 PDEV-3580 Bug Fix ERP Custom table not displaying any data returned from NetSuite
PDEV-3566 Bug Fix Diagnostic logs/tracing update
PDEV-2350 Bug Fix Update Receipt - Sid is Zero
PDEV-3518 Enhancement QBO - Send ExchangeRate with AddBill request


2.25.0 8-Sep-2022 PDEV-3159 Bug Fix Unable to submit cart for USA Scientific Punchout when the punchout has certain promotions/coupons
PDEV-2918 Bug Fix Receiver > Orders tab and Open PO Details report are missing certain open POs
PDEV-1816 Bug Fix Voucher ID problem, stuck in AP Push
PDEV-1331 Bug Fix Column names in Open PO Details report unaligned/mislabeled when a new segment is enabled


2.24.0 1-Sep-2022 PDEV-3509 Bug Fix Display issue with problem orders table for Buyers
PDEV-3454 Bug Fix Diagnostic logs/tracing update
PDEV-3447 Bug Fix Incorrect behavior when using Select All in AP Push
PDEV-3444 Bug Fix Diagnostic logs/tracing update
PDEV-3177 Bug Fix Wrong Total Showing in when confirming Reapproval path with Foreign Currency
PDEV-3089 Bug Fix Dashboard Notification for approval shows wrong PO Total amount after buyer updates PO funds 3 times
PDEV-3037 Bug Fix Sync Supplier window is stuck in UI after completion
PDEV-352 Bug Fix Custom & Flexible segment sync ERP failure message needs to be in red.
PDEV-2862 Enhancement Create the ability to view the time/date/user name when a PO is force closed/force opened. 


2.23.0 25-Aug-2022 PDEV-3320 Bug Fix Spend Total/Top 50 Suppliers Enhanced Report/Graph is not Displaying Correctly
PDEV-3289 Bug Fix Hovering over Cart Fields Displays Inconsistently
PDEV-3010 Enhancement Update Problem Orders Tab for Buyers


2.22.0 18-Aug-2022 PDEV-3393 Bug Fix Display issue with certain shipping/billing addresses
PDEV-3277 Bug Fix Out of office delegate user's email will show them as being skipped incorrectly.
PDEV-3169 Bug Fix Special characters cannot be used in the notes for Missing Packing Slip request
PDEV-1925 Bug Fix User Activation Error - "Can't Open Add Company Page"
PDEV-1678 Bug Fix Data in Approval Notes not visible in Order History in certain situations
PDEV-2995 Enhancement Remove Project Column from Orders tab


2.21.1 12-Aug-2022 PDEV-3443 Bug Fix Line items with QTY greater than 1 shows wrong Extended total on Requisition pages


2.21.0 11-Aug-2022 PDEV-3382 Bug Fix When placing a voucher on hold, a display issue occurs in the Vouchers table
PDEV-3173 Bug Fix Special characters cannot be used in the notes for Missing PO Request
PDEV-3061 Bug Fix Can't Export Report SpendTotal/Top 50 Suppliers Report Receives Error Message
PDEV-3284 Enhancement Update <Email name="main"> in <BillTo> section of cXML PO
PDEV-3154 Enhancement Update deploymentMode in cXML PO Request
PDEV-2994 Enhancement Provide 'Actions' column to single company problem orders table within Buyer's Queue tab


2.20.1 5-Aug-2022 PDEV-3402 Bug Fix Line items with QTY greater than 1 show wrong Extended total on Requisition pages


2.20.0 4-Aug-2022 PDEV-3170 Bug Fix Confirmation Message Missing, When Buyer Change Segments-Class, Cost Center, Custom, Location, Product, Subsidiary
PDEV-3092 Bug Fix Extended Discount Not Displaying correctly on Req Page
PDEV-3009 Bug Fix Problem with Auto Approve and Auto Reject links in email notification for skipped approvers
PDEV-3000 Bug Fix Display issue for problem orders table
PDEV-2948 Bug Fix Reassign button and Profile picture pushed out of focus when browser zoom is 90% or less


2.19.0 28-Jul-2022 PDEV-2683 Enhancement Report and export enhancements


2.18.0 24-Jul-2022 PDEV-3060 Bug Fix Users are appearing Twice in Approval box in Approval emails and are being notified twice
PDEV-2680 Enhancement {PSE-2} Create the ability to add recipients to auto-push 'I will place order' emails


2.17.0 14-Jul-2022 PDEV-2997 Bug Fix Class labeled as Program Approver Not appearing in approval pathway
PDEV-2887 Bug Fix Watchers are not updating when Buyer is changing segment on confirming PO page
PDEV-416 Enhancement Display Additional Buyer Column within Company Accounts tab


2.16.0 11-Jul-2022 PDEV-3080 Bug Fix Months are not in order in the "Last 3 Months" dashboard
PDEV-384 Enhancement Enhanced Report: Add Additional Columns


2.15.0 30-Jun-2022 PDEV-3014 Bug Fix Using Select All in AP Push not behaving correctly
PDEV-2947 Bug Fix Proxy Approval Tile Does Not Return To Dashboard after clicking X
PDEV-230 Bug Fix Correct the behavior for drag/drop when change list order for all accounting segments 


2.14.0 23-Jun-2022 PDEV-3069 Bug Fix Usernames in the Reassign window dropdown are not ordered.
PDEV-3015 Bug Fix Incorrect Requester when duplicating certain carts
PDEV-1713 Bug Fix Problem with duplicating cart created by an inactive user


2.13.0 16-Jun-2022 PDEV-3062 Bug Fix Diagnostic logs/tracing update
PDEV-2924 Bug Fix Tabbing to Different Fields Not Working on User Setup>Details Section
PDEV-2906 Bug Fix Problem with making changes to SpotPrice field
PDEV-397 Bug Fix Renew Connection button is not active, QBO session inconsistently disconnected
PDEV-373 Bug Fix Incorrect message "File Uploaded Successfully" when saving changes on certain pages
PDEV-3078 Enhancement {PSE-19}- All addresses to be auto selected when a new user is created
PDEV-2662 Enhancement {PSE-19}Update: Buyer >Addresses tab 


2.12.0 9-Jun-2022 PDEV-3048 Bug Fix Diagnostic logs/tracing update
PDEV-3018 Bug Fix Diagnostic logs/tracing update
PDEV-2993 Bug Fix Voucher notes display issue when special characters are used.
PDEV-2980 Bug Fix After an additional fund is requested by AP, the scan match page does not reload.
PDEV-2976 Bug Fix Loading stuck if the tab is clicked twice
PDEV-2961 Bug Fix Companies with SSO Authentication are reporting intermittent "Connection Problem on Email Login" error
PDEV-191 Bug Fix AP was able to match invoices to certain closed POs


2.11.0 26-May-2022 PDEV-2975 Bug Fix Active role tab is not highlighted
PDEV-2927 Bug Fix GetUserName throwing exceptions
PDEV-1446 Bug Fix AP Order Analysis: Push Status column references "via Quickbooks (Online)" regardless of company's ERP
PDEV-326 Bug Fix NullPointerException with ssoAuth
PDEV-176 Bug Fix Incorrect Total and Submitted Weeks values for user in Time Table report
PDEV-2725 Enhancement Enhanced Reports_Landing Page: Update Spelling for ' Total Processed PO/Receipts/Vouchers' chart label 


2.10.0 19-May-2022 PDEV-2957 Bug Fix My Reqs count set to 0 after Owning a Requisition
PDEV-2946 Bug Fix Invalid image and hyperlink in signature of email notification to user receiving reassigned orders
PDEV-2917 Bug Fix SSO user cannot login via Prendio
PDEV-410 Bug Fix Report Slowness
PDEV-32 Bug Fix Issue with checking user IDP login
PDEV-14 Bug Fix Scan Match Notes display problem after saving
PDEV-2663 Enhancement Ability for Buyers to view/add 'Watchers' within Reapprove Pop up


2.9.0 12-May-2022 PDEV-2762 Bug Fix Buyer tab temporarily disappears when switching tabs 
PDEV-2660 Enhancement {PSE-152} Restart Reapproval Process Upon Reassignment of a Purchase Order & Requisition
PDEV-2659 Enhancement {PSE-8} Create the ability to Reassign POs/Requisitions when Deactivating User.
PDEV-2656 Enhancement {PSE-4} Reassign POs/Requisitions to Other Active Company User(s) for strategic reasons. 
PDEV-421 Enhancement [ENHC-623] UI Updates - Buyer's Queue Tab


2.8.0 5-May-2022 PDEV-2869 Bug Fix AP Scan - Combining PDFs is Not Merging as Expected
PDEV-2822 Bug Fix Line problems after editing the unit price and sending PO for Reapproval
PDEV-2761 Bug Fix Buyer Remains in PO edit page After Starting Reapproval
PDEV-329 Bug Fix Voucher Stays on the AP Push Page Even after Pushing to ERP 
PDEV-87 Enhancement Oracle Fusion ERP improvements
PDEV-66 Enhancement NetSuite ERP improvements


2.7.0 1-May-2022 PDEV-2845 Bug Fix Primary/Secondary Admin profiles are in a hung state after creation of Prendio Company
PDEV-471 Bug Fix AP Push Voucher Selections Lost
PDEV-403 Bug Fix Performance issue - Buyer's Order page
PDEV-96 Bug Fix Special character issues with 'Notes' fields
PDEV-31 Bug Fix When using special characters/currency symbols in notes while approving or adding funds to PO, the page is stuck in "Loading".
PDEV-2838 Enhancement Enhanced Reports - Update the date field to show the US Date format


2.6.0 21-Apr-2022 PDEV-2802 Bug Fix "Save Process Failed" when changing Shipping Method / Currency in PO Edit
PDEV-306 Bug Fix "The selected date range is more than a year!" error on a custom range of Jan 1- Dec 31 2020
PDEV-199 Bug Fix AP Push: "Part Desc" field changes do not save if there are over 500 characters
PDEV-2727 Enhancement Revert Bills Update Message 'Please Select a single 'Paid Bill' that is not 'Marked as Pushed'
PDEV-94 Enhancement Make Warning Text The Same For Email Id Already Exists
PDEV-88 Enhancement Phone number format does not accept international numbers in user profile screen


2.5.0 14-Apr-2022 PDEV-2755 Bug Fix Receiver > Orders Period Input box text is longer than input field.
PDEV-2736 Bug Fix Bill transmission problem with NetSuite
PDEV-1616 Bug Fix When filtering for the voucher number in the unpaid bills tab, Line item and description get shuffled 
PDEV-409 Bug Fix Performance problem with Catalog Search
PDEV-407 Bug Fix Performance problem with Supplier changes
PDEV-402 Bug Fix Performance problem with Catalog Search
PDEV-255 Bug Fix Transmission problem with NetSuite
PDEV-200 Bug Fix Create Vendor Bill / "AddBill" call is not responding
PDEV-134 Bug Fix Error Message for Checked segment error is not aligned and not displaying in red font color
PDEV-129 Bug Fix Punchout Order price become zero on the Cart Total when the user click on the quantity field 
PDEV-128 Bug Fix After switch to NetSuite, Prendio using Class instead of Department during sync/push activity
PDEV-116 Enhancement Allow modification of Location and Custom Segment of post Confirmed Supplier orders


2.4.0 7-Apr-2022 PDEV-2687 Bug Fix Assigned Proxy Delegate is Deactivated but the Delegate Approval Required email notification is not sent to OOO requester 
PDEV-2650 Bug Fix Filter is not returning  expected result with $ remaining amount 
PDEV-1526 Bug Fix UI display issue in Prendio at multiple places
PDEV-497 Bug Fix Scanned Invoice is missing from the Order History after packing slip for the PO is scanned.
PDEV-203 Bug Fix Order History for a PO tops out at 100 rows of data
PDEV-124 Bug Fix GL account gets reset after navigating away from the new cart page
PDEV-2658 Enhancement {PSE-94} Create the Ability to Select A Proxy Delegate 
PDEV-2657 Enhancement {PSE-15} Display When Users Are Out Of Office With Proxy Requests
PDEV-2651 Enhancement Update Receiver>Orders Tab - 'Remaining Percentage Amount Less Than or Equal To'
PDEV-44 Enhancement Improved logging for Enhanced Reports


2.3.0 31-Mar-2022 PDEV-385 Bug Fix Export To CSV includes unselected PO's 
PDEV-367 Bug Fix Count is wrong for the selected paid bills 
PDEV-253 Bug Fix In Receiver>Orders>Export File - The Column "Line Amount Remaining" is showing amount without discount.
PDEV-204 Bug Fix Changing to "Credit Card" term while completing a Voucher page places the voucher in partial limbo
PDEV-201 Bug Fix Custom orders from IDT punchout with at least 94 lines break Open PO Summary report
PDEV-2655 Enhancement {PSE-6) Paid Bills Improvements / Reverting Paid Bills


2.2.0 24-Mar-2022 PDEV-341 Bug Fix Service Provider Account Setup - Unable to save
PDEV-335 Bug Fix Scan Upload for Receiver stops working after resizing browser window
PDEV-308 Bug Fix Certain Edit PO activities with attachments cause line problems
PDEV-266 Bug Fix Bills "Marked as Pushed" do not show as paid in PO Summary reports
PDEV-254 Bug Fix Save Process Failed when Editing Class segment in PO
PDEV-195 Bug Fix Scan Match Notes not sticking to Correct Invoice due to Phantom Checkmark


2.1.0 22-Mar-2022 PDEV-307 Bug Fix Buyer Tab is not showing for Multi Company Users
PDEV-235 Bug Fix Connected Suppliers are not loading
PDEV-197 Bug Fix Remove Zendesk Support Widget
PSE-45 Enhancement Create the Ability for a Service Provider Company to enable Buyer Role Capabilities


2.0.29 4-Mar-2022 PSE-25 Enhancement Retain Packing Slip Information When Reaccessed for Processing
PSE-5 Enhancement Scan Match Export


2.0.28 24-Feb-2022 PSE-3 Enhancement Update Images within Buyer Orders tab 22-Feb-2022 PREN-6858 Bug Fix For Punch-Out Orders Status in Req in Approval, while Opening the cart, its not showing the Line items
PREN-5983 Bug Fix AP push Is taking a long time to Process/times out/not updating user


2.0.27 17-Feb-2022 PREN-6696 Bug Fix Fix email update problems
PREN-6241 Bug Fix Unable to upload images for Signature and Company Logo and Profile Photo
PREN-5687 Bug Fix POs cannot be sent for reapproval, is blank after making price changes to lines on the PO
PREN-5074 Enhancement Additional Funds Request - Total amount in confirmation page is not showing correctly


2.0.26 13-Feb-2022 PREN-6393 Bug Fix Override / re-approval issue when Buyer adds a line and deletes it 
PREN-6062 Bug Fix Monthly Savings Report Issues
PREN-5078 Bug Fix Unexpected character limit in Default Order Notes to Supplier
PREN-3809 Bug Fix Fix QBD exception issue
PSE-7 Enhancement Create additional UI capability for - I will Place the order functionality/selection 7-Feb-2022 PREN-6605 Bug Fix Receipts Applied to Wrong line after additional funds request


2.0.25 3-Feb-2022 ENHC-546 Enhancement Apply Centralized Logic for Handling French keyboard


2.0.24 30-Jan-2022 PREN-6293 Bug Fix Segment save problem when coverting from Item line to Service line
PREN-6116 Bug Fix Clearing segment label and saving change disables the segment, even with Lock Segments enabled
PSE-40 Enhancement Improvements and fixes for PO line changes
PSE-39 Enhancement Improvements and fixes for PO line changes
PSE-38 Enhancement Improvements and fixes for PO line changes
PSE-37 Enhancement Improvements and fixes for PO line changes
PSE-33 Enhancement Improvements and fixes for PO line changes
PSE-32 Enhancement Improvements and fixes for PO line changes
PSE-31 Enhancement Improvements and fixes for PO line changes


2.0.23 23-Jan-2022 PREN-6199 Bug Fix Diagnostic logs/tracing update
PREN-5868 Bug Fix Supplier Still Available for New Orders After Disabling "Active Account (Items Available for Orders)"
PREN-5528 Bug Fix Enhanced Reports - Months not displaying in order when you select Last 3 months.
PREN-5285 Bug Fix Unable to submit the additional fund request , When user enter the Currency symbol (Pound) in Notes 
ENHC-547 Enhancement Create the Ability to Force Open POs from Receiver Scan Match tab
ENHC-525 Enhancement Create the Ability to Force Open POs from Accounts Payable Scan Match tab 14-Jan-2022 PREN-6251 Bug Fix "Process Failed" error when multi-company users follow activation steps 13-Jan-2022 PREN-6147 Bug Fix Issue with Pending users and Password Reset