Prendio Tax & Freight Assignment Options Explained

Prendio offers two different ways for the Tax and Freight expenses to be pushed to your ERP System for payment.

How these expenses are handled is controlled by the Tax and Freight Assignment setting. The options are Distributed to Lines and Specific Accounts.


[Accounts Payable > GL Accounts > Prendio GL Account]:



1. Distributed to Lines is the Default setting. With this setting the Tax and Freight expenses will be combined and then distributed evenly among the line items on the Invoice.

Example: If these expenses totaled $50.00 and there were 5 Line Items on the Invoice, $10.00 would be added to each Line Item.

image (1)-Feb-10-2022-04-20-33-99-PM

2. Selecting Specific Accounts allows these expenses to be charged to individual GL Accounts.

3. A Tax and a Freight pulldown menu display allowing these expenses to be charged to Separate GL Accounts or the same GL Account.

4. The GL accounts available to select are based of what has been synced from the ERP and available in the [Accounts Payable > GL Accounts > ERP GL Account] table.

5. When bills are pushed to the ERP, the resulting ERP bills will have a separate line for Tax and a separate line for Freight.


Note: The Tax and Freight Assignment can also be changed in [AP Management > General > Accounting].