Prendio Version 2.68

An overview of the patch releases for this version of Prendio.

Prendio version 2.68.0 - (Jan. 11, 2024)


New Feature!

  • Flexible Segment Approvers - Flexibility with Segment Approvals (GL Account, Project, Department, Class, etc.) can be applied to Requisition Approvals.  This allows for Approval Paths to be solely based on Segments as opposed to relying on Personal Approval Paths for Spend Limit.  

    Updates to Segment approvals are made in Accounts Payable while updates to Personal Approval Paths for Spend Limits are made in Admin.


Bugs Fixed

  • Get Supplier for Sync ERP and Let's Align not completing for multiple companies

  • Certain log in and log out events are not captured under User Audit report.

  • User Audit Report not pulling all Segment user updates

  • PO Attachments are duplicating when email is sent to either the requester or supplier

  • Incorrect total time calculation in AP Push

  • Sage Intacct Connector: Duplicate Bill Check not working as expected

  • Account history is showing a user was added when they already existed

  • Top Catalog Items gets stuck on "Retrieving..." Status when searching Items in the Catalog Search

  • Requisition Approvals History is cut off for older / high activity POs

  • Re-approval popup is shown if no updates for PO but just click on QTY field

  • Logged out of Prendio when sending re-approval as Service Provider with multiple companies selected

  • Arrow for moving attachments between PO notes sections is missing in the PO edit page

  • Previously Invoiced order: Lines disappear when adjusting the QTY and then copying the line

  • One user/session is able to process a Voucher if another user/session has deleted the Voucher

  • Imported Carts Updating Price when Owning PO

  • Button to convert part line to service is inactive on receipts page when QTY is a 4 digit number



Prendio version 2.68.1 - (Jan. 22, 2024)


Bugs Fixed

  • Certain companies see a blank users section when editing flexible segments

  • Certain users see an "access denied" message when submitting Carts

  • "Not Found" error message when Buyers attempt start Re-Approval for certain PO