Prendio Version 2.70

An overview of the patch releases for this version of Prendio.

Prendio version 2.70.0 - (Feb. 8, 2024)


New Enhancements!

  • Ability to change the Scan Match Email address (email the Tech Support team to request a change)

  • Punchout sessions now handle shipping addresses differently, which reduces issues with the wrong shipping address or account number being used.

    • When starting a punchout from the dashboard, the Requester’s default shipping address is used

    • When starting a punchout from a Cart, the shipping address selected for that Cart is used

  • Critical Orders Column added to reports


Bugs Fixed

  • Adjust PO Audit entries to not have leading and trailing quotes in the company name

  • Unable to revert Paid Bill if only one voucher is displayed from a filter search

  • Get / Search Supplier for NetSuite is not properly updating ERP table

  • AP activity in Order History window appears out of order

Prendio version 2.70.1 - (February 13, 2024)


Bugs Fixed

  • Users with deleted default shipping address are unable to access any punchout

Prendio version 2.70.2 - (February 13, 2024)


Bugs Fixed

  • Response to Scan Match Email sent to incorrect email address

Prendio version 2.70.3 - (February 21, 2024)


Bugs Fixed

  • AP Order Analysis Shows same line data multiple times
  • Export Order History files for certain POs are empty
  • Blank data when Bills Headers and Bills Details files are downloaded
  • "Not Added Contact to Admin" message when creating new users