Prendio Version 2.72

An overview of the patch releases for this version of Prendio.

Prendio version 2.72.0 - (March 7, 2024)


New Enhancements!

  • "Just My Departments" is now available as a Default Viewing Option for user profiles. With this option, users can only see orders with lines set to Departments to which they are members.

  • The input fields for Scan Match have been reordered so that the PO # is entered first


Bugs Fixed

  • W-9 does not display in Buyer > Suppliers for Private Suppliers

  • Tax documents missing from supplier profiles after changes are saved for Private Suppliers

  • "Not enough funds on PO error message" When Trying to Approve Packing Slip

  • Scan Match - Arrow displays for next page of scans when it there is no other scans to display

  • "Location" Segment showing Empty in AP Order Analysis Report For Additional Fund Request Lines

  • "Approval Path is not available. Contact your administrator." When Trying to Approve PO

  • Some users see "CRITICAL - Your Prendio account is not active" message in approval email

  • Single quote character in supplier account number triggers "Save Process Failed" when editing Ship To address in PO