Prendio Version 2.74

An overview of the patch releases for this version of Prendio.

Prendio version 2.74.0 - (April 4, 2024)


Bugs Fixed

  • "Invalid Invoice Document" note added to Scan Notes if OCR is unable to match document

  • Sync Issue with inactive segments from QBO

  • User Export presenting segment information in the incorrect fields

  • Some characters used in segment names or ERP names prevent importing segments

  • Users with spaces in name cannot be added as an approver or watcher while importing segments

  • Search bar text displays as light grey for certain users

  • Order for half-punchouts do not behave correctly if Requester is also segment approver

Prendio version 2.74.1 - (April 10, 2024)


Bugs Fixed

  • PDF stamp missing in Proxy Receipts from Missing PO Request