Prendio Version 2.77

An overview of the patch releases for this version of Prendio.

Prendio version 2.77.0 - (May 2, 2024)


Bugs Fixed

  • Supplier Details window stuck on Loading when saving in certain situations

  • Unable to edit POs for certain suppliers, fields greyed out

  • Remit Address for Vendor Credit voucher page is pulling from the wrong source

  • Company name after apostrophe is not displayed correction in the user profile area

  • Options for Next Approver are being determined based on Spend Limit and Not Approval Limit

  • Filter by voucher number does not work on Accounts Payable > Vouchers page

  • Supplier Details window flickers a few times while saving changes

  • Multi-Line Carts: Order History cannot be opened from Cart page

  • Incorrect segment data being displayed for closed Cart

  • PO link does not work on Voucher page when the page is opened from Unpaid Bills or Paid Bills

  • Problem with trying to match certain invoices with same number as deleted invoice

Prendio version 2.77.1 - (May 21, 2024)


Bugs Fixed

  • ERP Pushes not completing for companies that have Invoice Only Selected as the bundle option