Receive Packages

Package receipt can be supported with varying degrees of automation, but each option begins with the delivery of the packages and the distribution of requested items to the team. 

 Got it. Package Notification
When packages arrive, let users know right away! The "Got it" Package Notification feature makes that easy. Most Prendio users batch process their Scan Upload and Scan Match activities. As a result, the receipt of the package and the Scan Match can be separated by hours or even days.
To address the urgent schedules found in biotech, use the Got it. feature at the receiving location to alert users that a package for them has arrived on the dock. Logged in as any user with the Receiver role on a mobile device, go to the Got it. tab.
  1. Log into Prendio on a mobile device.
  2. Go to [Receiver > Got it.]
  3. Type in a PO number found on the box
  4. Click GOT IT.
  5. An email and text message (optional) will be sent to the requester.

The message delivered to the users can be customized by users with the Admin role under [Admin > General > Notifications].

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