Removing a Punchout Processing PO from the Problem Order Queue

Updated on April 29, 2024

A Punchout Order may fail to process when the company and supplier’s punchout database do not communicate properly. This results in the details of the Punchout Order failing to be sent to the supplier’s database and may not process properly. Follow up with the supplier will need to be obtained to ensure that the PO was received.

After a Buyer selects Continue Punchout to process a punchout order, they may receive an error message:

An email notification is also sent regarding the Punchout Processing issue:


The message indicates that the order may not have processed properly.  Exit out of the error message to return back to the PO:


Users should not try to select Continue Punchout again to try to re-process the PO.  Navigate out of the PO page by selecting the Buyer tab:


Locate the Problem Order queue by selecting Buyers' Queue:


Or for users with Multi Company access, select Problem Orders:


Identify a Punchout Processing PO in the Problem Order queue via the Status column:


Locate the PO number for the order:


Select Edit (pencil icon) in the Actions column. (Please note that by selecting Edit, the PO is automatically removed from Problem Orders.  Noting the PO number beforehand will allow the user to reference the PO if needed):


The details of the PO will now appear. Download a copy of the PO by clicking on View PO PDF in the top right:


In a new window, a PDF copy of the PO will appear. Download this copy:


Once a PDF copy of the PO has been downloaded, reach out to the supplier via email (outside of Prendio) to ensure that the PO has been received. Include a PDF copy of the PO in the email in case the supplier did not receive the PO details via the punchout to process:


Submit the email. Update the Internal Order Notes of the PO (bottom right under the PO total) with actions taken:


The PO will be removed from the Problem Order queue as soon as Edit is selected from the Orders subtab:


Follow up with the supplier as needed to ensure that the PO will be processed.  If the supplier received a copy of the PO, no further action is needed and the supplier will disregard the PDF copy of the PO sent via email.

If the supplier did not receive a copy of the PO via the Punchout, emailing a PDF copy will ensure that the supplier will have the PO to process.  Once the supplier confirms that the PO is complete, add notes to Internal Order Notes of the PO with the update: