Removing a Receipt in Order to Make Adjustments to the PO

A PO may need to be adjusted after it has been confirmed and received against (Packing Slip/Proxy Packing Slip uploaded and Receipt created for order). Some examples of adjustments that may be needed include pricing adjustments, updating a line from a part to service, U/M changes, changing the part number or description, and updating the supplier. To be able to adjust the order, the Receipt must be “backed out” or removed from the order.

Below is an example of PO 7186 from the Buyer view. Part #4645 is ordered at $200.00 each at Qty of 1. The Buyer needs to adjust the pricing of the item to $185.00; however, the item has already been received against, preventing the Buyer from making the necessary adjustment:


To “back out” of the receipt (remove the receipt from the PO), this process will determine if the voucher for the PO has already been processed. Navigate to the section of this document that details where the Receipt/Voucher may be for the PO.  The AP Management, Accounts Payable, and Receiver roles may be needed depending on the status of the PO/if a voucher has been created.  Please select from the links and follow the instructions to the end of the article:

Backing Out of the Receipt When a Voucher is in Unpaid, Pushed, or Paid Bills

Backing Out of the Receipt When the Voucher is in Vouchers Subtab of Accounts Payable

Backing Out of the Receipt When a Receipt in in the Receiver role


In the AP Management role, find the Unpaid Bills, Paid Bills or Pushed Bills subtab and select the appropriate voucher/PO that requires adjustments to the left. Once selected, click on Revert Selected Items:


In Paid Bills:


or in Unpaid Bills:


Confirm to move the voucher back to the AP Push:


Locate the voucher in AP Push and select to the left:


Once selected, find the Selected Actions dropdown and select Revert Vouchers and confirm to return the voucher back the Vouchers in Accounts Payable:


In the Vouchers subtab of the Accounts Payable role, locate the voucher for the PO and delete via the Action column. Confirm for the invoice to be returned to the Scan Match of the Scan subtab:


Navigate to the Receiver role and select the Receipts subtab. Locate the appropriate PO and delete the Receipt via the Actions column to the right:


Confirm that the Receipt should be deleted and packing slip returned to the Scan Match of the Scan subtab:


The packing slip for the deleted Receipt will return to the Scan Match via the Scan subtab:


The Buyer may now make the pricing adjustment to the PO as the Receipt has been removed (Rcvd: 0.00). In this example, the Unit Price has been updated from $200.00 to $185.00:


Once the Buyer has made the appropriate adjustments to the PO, the Receiver may now process the packing slip back to a Receipt.