Save Steps Creating A Cart With Default Selections

About This Document:
This document details the defaults that can be set up to automatically populate Cart fields. This is helpful when the Requester is using the same (Ship-To Address, Department, GL Account, Project,...) for the majority of their orders. These selections can also be overridden when exceptions occur.

This process requires the Prendio Requester and Admin Roles.


Admin > User > Edit User > General Tab:


1. The Default Ship-To Address and GL Account located on the bottom right can be specified for the user in this tab.


Admin > User > Edit User > Details Tab:

2. The Default Department can be specified for the user in this tab.


3. As well as the Default Project and other Segments if available.


Cart Results:

4. The Default Ship-To Address is populated but can be changed by pressing the Ship-To link.

5. The Default Segment Selections are also populated and can be changed when exceptions occur by clicking in the appropriate pulldown menu.