Scan Upload Email

Invoices and packing slips can be uploaded into Prendio using the company Scan Upload Email, eliminating the need to log into Prendio to upload them.

Under the Accounts Payable or Receiver role(s), navigate to Scan and then Scan Upload. The unique company upload email address will be shown in the top right of the Scan Upload:

When documents are sent to the Scan Upload Email address, the user who sent them will receive a status update email response from Prendio confirming whether the upload was successful. Files that were Rejected will display a Note with the reason for the rejection. Prendio will accept files under the same rules as a manual upload. Files will be rejected if they are over 12 mb in size, are password protected, or are not in .pdf format:



Files that were uploaded successfully will added to the Scan Match section for further review and processing:


Please note that if OCR (Automated Scan Match) is enabled, the emailed files will be processed automatically. These invoices may be located under the Vouchers tab instead of Scan Match.

Files that were uploaded by email will show as uploaded by ‘Automation User’ on the Scan Upload History report.