Scan Upload History

Users with the Receiver and/or Accounts Payable role(s) will have access to the Scan upload history Report Dashboard.


The timeframe for data can be selected via Uploaded Date. Additional filters can be added to narrow down the search (Status and File type):


Once the search criteria has been selected, the total number of files uploaded will appear to the right:

The first view will display a bar graph depicting how many packing slips and/or invoices have been uploaded by date.

In the photo below, the bar graph shows that two files were uploaded on 04-05-2023, three files uploaded on 04-07-2023, and six files on 05-03-2023:


The bar graph can also indicate the file type by locating (no group by) in the top left of the graph and selecting File Type:


Once organized, the graph will not only indicate how many files were uploaded on a specified date, but will also break down how many of the files are invoices, packing slips, or not matched. Not Matched files are uploads where the details have not been added in the Scan Match to determine if the file is an invoice or a packing slip:


A second view will display a table showing all uploads within the specified search criteria. The table includes information regarding files such as the PO number for the file(s), Received date (packing slip), Invoice number, and more:


When viewing the table, users can see the original File Name of the document along with the Scan Type (Packing Slip vs. Invoice). Please note again that if Not Matched is listed as the Scan Type, the details for the file have not been added yet to determine whether it is an invoice or packing slip:


Users can also track any files that have been deleted by adjusting the search criteria via Status to include Deleted:


Deleted files will appear in the Status column of the table along with the user that made the adjustment: