Status of My Requisition in Approval

From your Dashboard, you can view the progress of your requisitions and orders as they move through the workflow:

  1. In Approval – cart submitted. the approval process is underway
  2. In Buyer’s Queue – approved. The requisition is awaiting ownership by a buyer
  3. In Buyer Review – buyer-owned. The buyer is negotiating and submitting the order
  4. Pending Order – submitted order. Awaiting confirmation of details from supplier
  5. Confirmed Order – Order is confirmed by the supplier for price and delivery

Delays and Alerts
Requisitions and orders can become delayed. The first clue that something is wrong is that items are color-tagged with a yellow status. This is indicative of a several-hour delay and these items might need your attention. Some efforts present themselves as cards at the top of your Dashboard. If a card is red, it has become critical. These alerts are presented to both the requester and the approver.

Expedite Requisition Approval
Prendio will use an administrator-specified notification and escalation plan in order to keep your requisition moving. As the requester, you can view the status of your approvals on your Dashboard. From this view, you can send a reminder to the approver, forward the request to the approval’s delegate or skip the approver, sending the request to the next approver.

Note – Consult with internal policies regarding the skipping of approvers and its applicability to your organization.