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Support Menu Configuration

The Support Menu feature allows the Company Admin to set up links to email addresses, URLs, and files on the Prendio Dashboard.

The Prendio Admin role is required. User roles are assigned by a Company Admin.
Admin > General > Support Menu
Image 1-Feb-11-2022-04-10-30-11-PM
1. Press Add Support Item.
Image 1-Feb-11-2022-04-11-18-87-PM
2. Complete the Required Fields.
Note: Active must be checked for the Support Menu detail entered to appear on the Prendio Dashboard.
3. Press Save when complete.
Image 1-Feb-11-2022-04-12-11-53-PM
4. The added Support Menu added now displays.
Prendio Dashboard > Support Heading
Image 1-Feb-11-2022-04-12-56-29-PM
5. The added Support Menu now appears on the Dashboard.
When the link is pressed, an Email Message to the Company Admin appears.