The Got It Feature Explained

Using The Got It Feature In The Prendio User Interface (UI)

The Got It tab is available in the Prendio UI for the Receiver role. After a packing slip has been scanned and a receipt created, click on Got It to send the person who requested the item an email letting them know that you got it.

Click on Got It:


This will open the Got It window:


In the PO field, type or press the numbers to enter the PO number.

Press Enter on keyboard to change Done to Got it.

Press GOT IT.

Note: Sending… will appear while the email message is being sent to the requester.


When complete, press the Home icon to return to the Prendio UI.


The requester will get an email message similar to this example.

Clicking on the PO Link will take the user to the Prendio UI.

The Got It feature can also be configured to use Text Messaging.


Simply ask your Prendio Admin to add your Mobile Phone Number, Carrier, and check the Text Message Got It. Package Notifications box in your Prendio User Profile.

Additional Information
Your Company Admin can also add a Default message to this communication.
Admin > General > Notifications:
The message entered here will be included in the Got It! notifications.