Tolerances Configuration

Last Updated on December 13, 2023

Tolerances allows users with the Admin or AP Management role to set thresholds for pricing increases at a company. Tolerances will determine if a PO needs to be routed back through approvals due to a pricing increase.

Tolerances also gives the ability to set thresholds for orders created via a Punchout. Punchout orders can be sent directly to the supplier after routed through approvals for processing or a user with the Buyer role can review the order before submitting to a supplier.

In the Admin or AP Management role, find the General tab and Tolerances.


Buyer PO Creation - Review for punchout orders

This setting defines the maximum amount of a Punchout order that can be submitted directly to a supplier without requiring review by a user with the Buyer role.


With most orders placed via a punchout, orders under this amount in Prendio are automatically confirmed with the supplier. Orders equaling or over this amount are quickly reviewed by a Buyer before that confirmation.

*In the example above, an order placed by punchout $500 or less will be submitted to the supplier after it is routed through approvals as needed. Orders placed by punchout over $500 will require a user with the Buyer role to review before submitting to the supplier.


Buyer PO Re-Approval

There are two dimensions to Buyer PO Re-Approval tolerance that control whether or not certain changes will prompt the Buyer for a Re-Approval or Override. Any changes "within tolerance" will be saved without a re-approval.

Amount for lines that do not require re-approval - The first dimension defines the maximum total for a line where the Buyer does not require a Re-Approval or Override.

Percentage increase that does not require re-approval - The second dimension controls when the Buyer is prompted for a Re-Approval or Override based on the percentage of increase to a line total. This is considered for lines with a total greater than the line amount defined in the first dimension:
Note: There are changes to a PO that will prompt the Buyer for a Re-Approval or Override regardless of the Buyer PO Re-Approval settings. These changes include:
  • Adjusting the QTY for item lines
  • Changing the accounting segment for a line (Department, GL Account, etc.)
  • Adding a new line to the PO

Receipt Creation

This setting defines the maximum percentage of quantity received allowed over what is in the corresponding line in the PO: 


Using the setting of 2% as an example:

  • A quantity of 100 was ordered for an item
  • When a receipt is processed for the order, any quantity up to 102 can be received for the line
  • An error occurs if a quantity of 103 or greater is received