Understanding On Behalf Of Approval

Updated on May 23, 2023

Users in Prendio have the ability to create a Cart for another user in the company.  Once the cart is submitted, an On Behalf of Approval takes place. The user that the Cart was created for must approve the order to ensure all details are correct.  Further approval may be required if the cart exceeds the user's spending limit or if segment approval is required.


Cart Example:

When creating a Cart in Prendio, the Cart for field will default to the logged on user.

In the example below, Mary Leung is logged into Prendio.  Her name is automatically defaulted in the Cart for dropdown:


The logged on user can click in the Cart for field to display the other Prendio Users in the company. In this example the cart is created On Behalf Of Christine Banna.  After the cart is submitted, the approval window will display.  Christine must approve the order as it is being created in her name:

Christine will receive a notification in Prendio and by email to review the order submitted on her behalf:

In this example the order created for Christine is $3,000.00, which exceeds Christine's Spending Limit of $1,000.00.  Christine will need to approve the order first as the order is placed on her behalf and her Personal Approval Path will be used:

Once Christine approves the order, Jo-Ann Lobo, will also need to approve as she is the spending limit approver needed for the order to proceed.  Jo-Ann will be the only other approver needed as her approval limit is $5,000, enough to cover the $3,000 order.

A Note and an Attachment were also included by the user that created this cart for Christine for all approvers to reference.