Understanding Quickbooks Online Connector Timeouts

About This Document:
This document details how to renew the secure connection between the Prendio and Quickbooks Online websites.
Connector Timeout:
After a period of inactivity between Prendio and Quickbooks Online the connector will Automatically Disconnect.
When this occurs, the Let's Align, AP Push, and Accounts Payable Sync Actions will not be available and Renew Connection will display.
To avoid this we recommend renewing the connection from the AP Management > General > Accounting window:
Quickbooks Online Admin Credentials are needed to Renew Connection.
Some Companies have Multiple Quickbooks Admins that use the Prendio Accounts Payable and AP Management features.
When this is the case, and another Quickbooks Admin had the previous connection from Prendio, you will be prompted to Change Connection to Renew Connection.