Updating a Part Line to a Service Line in a PO

Updated on May 7, 2024

A Part line in a PO can be updated to a Service line as this will affect how the Receiver role processes Receipts for the three way match.  Part lines will ask the Receiver to add a quantity instead of an amount (pricing).

The order below displays two lines. The second line, Part #0000 with a Description of Installation needs to be changed from a Part Line to a Service Line:


After locating the line that needs to be updated from a Part to a Service, locate the “S” found on the bottom right of the line:


Select the “S.”  Prendio will ask if you wish to duplicate the line as a Service Line. Select “Yes”:


Prendio duplicates the original Part Line into a Service Line.

Original Part line (with Part #, Unit Price, U/M, and Qty fields):

Formatted as a Service line (with only Description, Price, and Currency fields):


After a Service line has been created from the original Part line, delete the original Part Line.  Select Delete (trash bin) on the bottom right of the Part Line: 


Confirm by selecting Yes to delete:


After the Part Line has been deleted, the PO will only display the Service line and other lines in the PO:


Since changes were made to the PO, but the pricing of the PO did not increase, an Override will be required to save the updates.  Navigate to the top right and select Re-Approve:


Select Override:


Indicate in the notes what actions have been taken and Submit:


Re-Approval Override Successful message will appear at the top of the screen:


The order may now be emailed to the Requestor if it is a Requestor Order or submitted to the supplier if the user wishes for the Buyer to process the order.


Receiver role

After a packing slip or proxy packing slip is ready to process into a Receipt, the line will ask for an amount (price) instead of a Qty: