Updating Supplier Information in the AP Push of AP Management

Updated on June 14, 2024

The W-9, FID, and Tax Classification for a supplier can be updated in the AP Push tab of AP Management.


In the AP Push of AP Management, locate the Voucher or Supplier in the list of vouchers. A supplier or voucher can be located by completing a search using the Filter search:


After the correct voucher has been located, locate the Supplier column and click on the hyperlink/name for the supplier:


The Supplier Detail window appears. Locate the area for Form W-9, FID, and Tax Classification:


If the W-9, FID, or Tax Classification needs to be updated for the supplier, uncheck the box next to Use Prendio Default:


The areas for W-9, FID, and Tax Classification areas are available for adjustments. A new W-9 can be attached if needed:


After the updates have been made, Save on the Supplier Detail window:


A message will briefly appear at the top of the window indicating the changes have been saved:


Users can exit out of the Supplier Detail window and return to the AP Push.