Uploading a W-9 in the Supplier Detail Window

Updated on May 3, 2024

Buyers have the ability to upload and attach a W-9 and complete all of the tax information in the Supplier Detail window before connecting the supplier to a company. After the supplier is connected, the PO can be processed to be submitted to the supplier or the PO can be emailed to the user.

After taking ownership of an order in the Requisition Queue, the next screen will display the PO details and a Supplier Detail window appears. The contents of the Supplier Detail window must be completed and saved. If the fields are not complete, options for the PO including the ability to generate a PDF copy to send to a requestor or supplier will not be available:


In the Form W-9 area, select Attach File to upload a W-9. If a user was able to attach a W-9 when creating a cart, this field may have an attachment for review:


After attaching the W-9, complete the supplier’s FID and Tax Classification fields:


Tax Classification can be found on the W-9:


Along with the FID:


Complete the rest of the Supplier Detail window including the remit address details (The first line of the address is the Supplier Name):


Connect the Supplier by selecting Connected (Account Established).  Active Account (Items Available for Orders) should also be checked. Select Items/Services are Tax-Exempt if applicable (leave unchecked if not Tax-Exempt):


Complete the Order Defaults:

Save on the Supplier Detail Window once complete and exit out of the window. The supplier is now connected to the company and a PO ready to generate to send to the requestor or supplier.