User Audit Report

Users with Admin role will have access to the User Audit Report Report Dashboard to track changes to User accounts.


*Please note that changes will not appear immediately and are updated every five minutes.  Tracking in the User Audit Report goes back to 04/24/2023:


In User Audit Report, the timeframe for data can be selected via Event Date. Additional filters can be added to narrow down the search (Changed User, Changed By, and Event Type):


Once the search criteria has been selected, a table will display data regarding all active user accounts including any updates made to their accounts. The table also displays when a user has logged into their Prendio account and when they log out:


Users can check the Event Type column to track any changes made to a user’s account. This column also displays the time a user logs into their account:


A user’s original account details can be seen in the Original Properties column. Updates to an account can be seen in Properties Changed.

In the example below, a user’s approval limit was updated (Event Type) from $1,500,000 (Original Properties) to $2,000,000 (Properties Changed):