Using Google Chrome On A Mac To Separate A Multiple Page PDF Invoice Into Individual PDF Documents

Prendio can accept multiple page Scanned Invoices but a PDF Invoice can only be matched to the same Purchase Order. This document details how to use Google Chrome on a Macintosh computer to separate a multiple page PDF into single page PDF documents.




Note: This procedure can also be applied to multiple page Scanned Packing Slips as well.


The above example illustrates a 5 Page Scanned Invoice and each page is for a different Purchase Order and Supplier.

Opening The PDF Document In Google Chrome:


Launch Chrome and from the File pulldown menu select Open File...


1. Maneuver to the location of the PDF document to split into separate documents.

2. Select the document.

3. Press Open.


From the File pulldown menu select Print...


4. In the Destination field select Save as PDF.

5. In the Pages fields select Custom and in the field below it enter the page number to be saved as a PDF document.

6. Press Save.


7. in the Save As: field enter a name for the PDF file that will be created.

Note: Invoice for Supplier 1, Invoice for Supplier 2, etc. is used for the examples in this article. Naming the file with the Invoice Number and/or Supplier Name can also be done.

Repeat Steps 1 - 4 to print each page of the document as a separate PDF file.


In the above example, 5 separate PDF documents were saved following this procedure.

Accounts Payable > Scan > Scan Upload


The 5 PDF documents are then uploaded in the Scan Upload window.

Accounts Payable > Scan > Scan Match


Each of these Scanned Invoices now appears in the Scan Match window as single page PDF documents and can be matched to separate Purchase Orders.