Using The Prendio Catalog Search To Order Items

About This Document:
This document details how to use a Catalog Search to add items to a Prendio Cart.


About A Catalog Search:

Catalog Search includes all items ordered by your company as well as items ordered by your peers at other companies. It also includes Suppliers.


Conducting a Catalog Search:

1. Enter the item that you are searching for in the Catalog field. In this example Toner is used.

2. Suppliers and Servers for "Toner" appears.

3. Wait for the Top Catalog Items to populate, the Top Catalog Items are usually the best deals.


4. In this example Multiple Pages of Top Catalog Items were found.

5. Look for the Piggy Bank icon to find the best deals.


6. In this example the Piggy Bank Item was selected and the Add To Cart button can be used to add the item to a Prendio Cart.


7. When pressing Add To Cart the options are Create New Cart and Add In Existing Cart.


Add In Existing Cart Option 1:
If a Cart was being viewed in Prendio when add Add In Existing Cart was selected, the item would be added to that Cart.


Add In Existing Cart Option 2:
If a Cart was not being viewed in Prendio when add Add In Existing Cart was selected, the Cart List window would open. This window displays the Requester's Open Carts, an open cart is a cart that was not Submitted. If the cart was submitted that cart is closed and a Req is created.


8. Press the Open link to add the item to an Open Cart.


Create New Cart:


9. When Create New Cart is selected, the item is added to a New Cart.