Using The Prendio Part Description Edit Feature To Provide More Detail To The ERP System

About This Document:
This document details how to use the Edit Part Description Feature in the AP Management > AP Push window. This edit can be used to modify the original description and provide the ERP System with more detail on the expense.


About This Example:
In this example a Blanket Order was created for Quarterly Office Supplies. Prior to pushing the first Voucher for this order, the Part Description was edited, then the Voucher was Pushed to the ERP System. The result is then displayed from the ERP System.

The Description for this Blanket Order was Quarterly Office Supplies.

AP Management > AP Push:


The first Voucher for this order was in the AP Push window, to modify the description, in the Part Desc field, the Quarterly Office Supplies link was clicked.


At the Confirmation explaining this activity, OK was pressed.

In the Part Description window a more detailed description of this expense was entered and Save was pressed.


The modified description First Quarter Office Supplies 2020 now appears and this is what was pushed to the ERP System.

Note: In Prendio, Part Description Edits only affect the AP Management Role, the description will not be modified for the order when it appears in other Prendio Roles.

After The Voucher Was Pushed To The ERP System:
In this example QuickBooks Desktop was used.


First Quarter Office Supplies 2020 appears in the Memo field.

Back At Prendio:


Order History for this example displays an Amount Remaining on this Blanket Order. As future vouchers for this order are processed, their descriptions can be edited and changed to Second Quarter Office Supplies 2020Third Quarter Office Supplies 2020, and Fourth Quarter Office Supplies 2020.