Accounts Payable Workflow for Credit Card Orders

Purchase orders that have the Credit Card payment term work differently than those with other payment terms

Whether it is specific to the purchase order (PO) or a default for a supplier, an order can be setup to have the payment term "Credit Card".


Credit Card is a special payment term in Prendio. When using this term, it is assumed that the order will automatically be billed to a credit card that the supplier has on file. There is no bill to be pushed over to your ERP, as the order itself will already be in a paid state.

The only Accounts Payable (AP) work in Prendio for these orders are for the packing slip, to confirm that the order has been fulfilled.


When your AP service provider processes the Receipt for the packing slip and the PO is fully received, Prendio automatically closes the PO. The order at that point is considered fulfilled and paid by way of the Credit Card.


Because no invoice processing takes place, there will be no corresponding voucher that will be processed on the AP Push page. The order, receipt, and payment details are captured in the AP Order Analysis report. For orders with "Credit Card" under the PO Terms column, you will see "CC" under the Payment Check Number column.