AP Order Analysis Report

This is the most comprehensive Prendio report, tying together purchase orders, accounts payable work, and bill activity.

Accessing the AP Order Analysis

Definitions of Columns in the AP Order Analysis

Order Status


Accessing the AP Order Analysis

These fields are included in the report:

Cart Number, Cart Date, Req User, Ship To Address, Req Number, Req Date, Req Approvals, Created by Import, PO Number, PO Date, PO Confirmed Date, PO Line, PO Project, PO Dept, PO GL Account, PO Status, PO Terms, PO Type, PO User, PO Supplier, PO Line Type, PO Part Number, PO Description, PO Qty, U/M, PO Curr, PO Unit Price, PO Line Ext Discount, PO Line Ext Amount, PO Total, Critical Order (Y/N), ETA, Receipt Number, Receipt Status, Receipt User, Line Item Received Date, Date Receipt Processed, Receipt Qty, Document Type, Document #, Document Date, Document Total, Tax, Freight, Voucher Number, Voucher Line Ext Amount, Voucher Status, Voucher User, Voucher Date, Push Date, Push Status, Push G/L Account, Push User, Payment Date, Payment Check Number, Payment Status, Amount Received not yet Invoiced, Amount Invoiced Not Yet Received, Amount Invoiced not yet Pushed, Amount Pushed not yet Paid, Amount not yet Received.


AP Management > Reports:


AP Order Analysis can be accessed from the Report dropdown menu:


Selected a option for running the report by PO Confirmation DateVoucher Date, or Receipt Date. Enter a Date Range for that data:


 The report can be narrowed down via SupplierRequesterOrder StatusDepartmentsGL Accounts, and Project. Each default to ALL, but these criteria can be filtered:


In this example each of the criteria was filtered

Note: multiple selections can be made for each pulldown menu.


The available actions are Email ReportRun Report, and Status Check:

  • Selecting Email Report will email the report to you when completed.
  • Selecting Run Report will display a limited version of the report on the same page.

Note: When Email Report is pressed, this button will be grayed out while the request is processed.


Status Check can be selected to monitor the progress of the request and download the results when complete:


Refresh can be selected to update the status of the request.  Download can be selected to download the results when complete:


Email Results

The report will also be delivered to the user to their email.  A link will be available to download containing the report:



Definitions of Columns in the AP Order Analysis:

Amount not yet Received - The total amount of the order that has not yet been received in Prendio, meaning no Receipt has been completed.

Amount Invoiced Not Yet Pushed- Total amount of invoices that have been uploaded and matched to the PO, but no further work has been done.

Amount Received Not Yet Invoiced - The total amount of the order for which a Receipt is completed, but has not been associated with an invoice/voucher.

Amount Invoiced Not Yet Received - The total amount of the order that has a corresponding invoice, but the Receipt has not been created for the three way match.

Amount Invoiced not yet Pushed/Exported to ERP - The total amount of the order related to completed Vouchers in the AP Push tab.  These are Vouchers in the AP Push tab that have not yet been Pushed/Exported to the ERP.

Amount Pushed not yet Paid - The total amount of the order related to completed Vouchers in the Unpaid Bills tab.  These are Vouchers that have been Pushed/Exported to the ERP, but have not been paid.



Order Status
Please note that the AP Order Analysis Report does not reflect orders in approval or non Confirmed status.
If a PO currently has one of the following statuses, it will not appear in the AP Order Analysis:
Req in Approval - The order has been submitted and currently in approval or re-approval if additional funds have been added.
Req in Buyers' Queue - The order is waiting for a user with the Buyer role to process the order.
Req in Buyer Review - A Buyer is reviewing the order before submitting to the supplier or sending a user a PDF copy of the PO.
Submitted to Supplier - A Buyer has submitted the PO to the supplier on behalf of the Requestor (common for Buyer Will Place the Order types).  After the supplier confirms the order along with an ETA for delivery, the Buyer will mark the PO as Confirmed.
POs with one of the statuses above will not appear in the AP Order Analysis; however, details can be viewed in the Requisitions section of the Analysis Tab.  For more information, please visit:
POs in Reapproval or Submitted to Supplier status will appear in the Open PO Detail report.  More information can be found: