AP Push Automation

Last Updated on June 16, 2023

Users have the ability to automatically push vouchers by adjusting settings set in AP Management or Admin role.  The AP Autopush process will run every 30 minutes.

*Please note that this capability is currently only available for companies using NetSuite or QuickBooks Online ERP systems.

In the AP Management or Admin role, find the General tab and then Accounting on the left:


 On the bottom of the page, find AP Push Automation:


To enable auto AP Push, check off Enable AP Push Automation:


Users can then select an Auto Push option from the dropdown below:


The dropdown menu includes the following selections to determine which areas will auto push:


Users can also configure email notification preferences (goes out to all users with the AP Management role):


Once the appropriate selections have been made, Save any changes on the bottom right of the screen:


Depending on the Push Notification options selected, an email will be sent after each Auto AP Push:


Note: For Phase 2, we will be adding more notification settings, including selecting specific users and customizing notification dates/times.  We are also working on adding the Export Listing File & PDF Invoice Bundle as attachments on applicable notification emails.


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