Blanket Orders

Prendio supports blanket orders by allowing the $ amount of a line to be reduced with each received invoice.


What is a Blanket Order (PO)?
A blanket order is a long-term order for supplying parts or services for a fixed period or in a fixed amount.  After it is confirmed by the supplier, items or services may be made against it periodically, on as-and-when-required basis, or as specified in the order, without needing new purchase orders.


Create a Blanket PO
Please check with the supplier to confirm whether if they accept Blanket POs.
To create a Blanket PO,  start from the Dashboard.  Create a Manual cart by locating My Carts and selecting + Cart:

Even if there is a Punchout for the supplier needed for the PO, please create a Manual cart as the Punchout does not support blanket POs.


In the cart, select I Will Place the Order as the Order Type. Adjust other fields as needed:


Add a Service line to the cart:


Please note that a service line is best for blanket POs even if parts will be ordered via the PO. Part lines can be used; however, they limit users to ordering the exact part at the exact pricing whereas a service line allows for different parts with different prices to be ordered under the blanket PO.


Update details for the line including the Supplier, Description, Price (funds can be added to blanket POs as needed), Notes or Attachments for the Supplier (detailing instructions or terms for the blanket PO) as needed, Currency, and Accounting Segments (Department, GL Account, etc):


Add additional lines as needed. Submit Cart once complete:


An approval window will appear to indicate if the order needs to be routed through approvals before a PO can be generated. Submit on the approval window:


Prendio will direct users back to their Dashboard. Users can view the requisition in My Orders:


If the order needs to be routed through approvals, the Status column will indicate Req in Approval and PO # will be blank. Once the requisition clears approvals, a PO number will be assigned and status updated to Confirmed by Supplier.

Users will then receive a PDF copy of the PO via email:



Once the PDF copy of the PO has been received, users can forward the PO to the supplier for confirmation.


Placing Orders Under a Blanket PO and Order History

Once a PO number has been generated, users need to contact the supplier directly outside of Prendio to place orders under the blanket PO and reference the PO number. Users should not create another cart in Prendio referencing the blanket PO number. This will create another/separate PO and will not be applied appropriately to the blanket PO.


After a user places an order under the blanket PO with the supplier directly and the parts/services have been received, documents like packing slips and invoices can be uploaded via the Receiver and Accounts Payable roles. After a receipt (packing slip) and voucher (invoice) have been processed, the amount of each order will be deducted from the PO balance.

In the example below, the Order History is shown for a blanket PO.  The original balance for the blanket PO was $10,000 (Purchase Order Total). Two orders have been placed under the blanket PO. After the appropriate packing slips (receipts) and invoices (vouchers) have been processed for each order, the amount of the orders have been deducted from the original balance. The new balance for the PO (Amount Remaining on this order) is $9,331:


Adding Funds to a Blanket PO

If a Blanket PO becomes low on funds, contact your Buyer. Request what funds need to be added. A Buyer will add funds to the PO and send for Re-Approval.  For more details about the additional funds process, please visit Adding Additional Funds to an Order (Change Order)