Deleting a PO in Confirmed by Supplier Status

POs with a Confirmed by Supplier status can be deleted in the Orders tab of the Buyer role.

Before deleting a PO, please ensure that the order has not been submitted to the supplier. If the order has been submitted to the supplier, please ensure that the supplier confirms cancellation of the order before deleting the PO.

In the Orders tab, search for the PO:


Click on the Delete option in the Actions column:


A Confirmation window appears:


Select from the following options:

No Req, No Cart – completely deletes the PO as well as the Requisition and cart associated with the PO.

Make Req active in My Reqs – The PO is deleted and the PO number is no longer assigned/removed. The requisition moves to the My Reqs tab of the Buyer. It can be returned to the Requisition Queue (Buyers’ Queue tab) and Owned via the Action column to assign a new PO number and re-process as a new order.

Make Cart active for Requester – The PO and requisition are deleted, and the original cart contents are created as a new cart for the original Requester. The requester can locate the new cart on their Dashboard > My Carts to submit as a new requisition.


After making the appropriate selection, add a cancellation reason and Submit:


Once deleted, the PO will no longer appear when querying for an order; however, users can check off Include Deleted Items to the right of the Date Range to display deleted POs:


Deleted POs will appear in pink:


Other Notes

When attempting to delete a PO, please note that users that have submitted the PO as the Requester will not be able to delete the PO as a Buyer.

In the example below, Mary Leung is the user that submitted the PO as the Requester:


Mary will not be able to delete the PO in the Buyer role and will receive an error message:


Another user with the Buyer role will be able to delete the PO. If another Buyer is not available to delete the PO, the user can update all lines in the PO to $0. More information can be found in the link below:

How to Cancel a Part or Service Line in a Confirmed PO (

Once all lines in the PO have been updated to $0, the user can search for the PO again via the Orders tab. Once found, the user can Force Close the PO by clicking in the lock button in the Actions column:

Remaining balance is $0.00 and Force Close can be found in Actions:


Confirm that the PO should be Forced Closed:


A success message will appear at the top of the screen:


The lock in Actions will update from red to green indicating the PO is closed: